The Melbourne Hunt Club Master or Joint Masters

Should a hunt club have more than one master, then occupiers of the role are called masters or joint masters. These individuals typically take much of the responsibility for the overall management of the sporting activities of the hunt and the care and breeding of the hunt's fox hounds, as well as control and direction of its paid staff.

Huntsman or Master of Foxhounds

The Huntsman, who may be a professional (ie. employed by the Hunt Club) is responsible for directing the hounds. The Huntsman carries a horn to communicate to the hounds, followers and whippers in.

A kennelman looks after hounds in kennels, assuring that all tasks are completed when pack and staff return from hunting. They can also assist when out hunting.

Whipper In (or "Whips") are assistants to the huntsman. Their main job is to keep the pack all together, especially to prevent the hounds from straying or 'riotting', which term refers to the hunting of animals other than the hunted fox or trail line. 


Each Hunt Club has a Social Committee and General Committee. The Social Committee's role is fundraising, and also to organise events on behalf of the hunt club, and for the enjoyment of the club members. For example the Annual Hunt Club Ball, Trail rides, BBQs, Training Days, Dinners. The Social Committee meetings are chaired by a Social Club President, the other committee bearers are the Secretary and Treasurer.

The General Committee is responsible for the running of the club. It consists of the Master/Joint Masters, Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman, Minute Taker and other Committee Members.